Casa Program – 3 to 6 years

Casa Program – 3 to 6 years

Casa Programs | Learning Tree Montessori

We help the children in this age group continue their exploration of the environment around them and become more independent. An individually paced, hands-on learning experience. The Casa experience inspires curiosity and a love for exploration and learning which helps the child thrive.

The mixed aged classroom provides the children an opportunity for the younger child to observe and learn from the older, and the more experienced older child to be a role model giving them an opportunity to build leadership skills, responsibility, and self-confidence. The classroom is designed to encourage independence through a choice of activities. Mastering lessons are accomplished through hands-on experiences, exploration, and repetition under the guidance of an experienced and qualified Montessori teacher. A full cycle in the Casa program is designed to be a 3-year program, and success in the second and third year is built on the foundations laid in the first.

Included in Casa Program

  • Hot nutritious lunch with morning and afternoon snacks
  • Younger children rest in the afternoon.
  • Children enjoy outdoor play time twice each day in our large, natural, tree-lined play area, weather permitting.
  • Extended day – children can arrive as early as 7 am and leave as late as 6 pm.
  • Half-day and part-time programs are available. Contact us for more information.

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