Tours & Registration

Tours & Registration

Tours & Registration | Learning Tree Montessori

We invite you to complete our contact form to inquire about space availability at Learning Tree Montessori.  Once you have confirmation, we invite you to book a tour with us that allows you to visit, with your child, so you’ll see and experience the environment your child could enjoy.

A tour typically lasts 30 minutes during which you’ll get to see the premises, see the children at work and play, and get answers to questions you have.

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Registration Process

Once you’ve understood space is available, visited for a tour, and decided to enroll, we can begin your registration process.

The process to register requires you to fill out and sign an enrollment form, pay a registration fee, and provide us with a copy of your child’s immunization records.

A note of warning: our Enrollment Form is detailed! It requires lots of information, as per Ministry of Education standards. The enrollment form requires information such as:

  • Details of up to 3 emergency contacts.
  • Details of special medical and dietary needs, if any.
  • Legal documentation for any custody arrangements, if any.

Learning Tree Montessori & Daycare

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